Pacific Day (2010)

Pacific Day (2010)

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This Album combines the genres of Folk, Roots, Jazz, Canadiana, Acoustic and World Music in a delicious fusion of aural delight.

My sense of identity is deeply rooted on Salt Spring Island, the place I’ve called home for the past 25 years. It’s where my children were born and raised. On a sunny day you may find me strumming my guitar on the shores of a rocky bay, while fishing for tunes in the Salish Sea. I revel in depicting the intimacies of life in the realm of song. I’ve been song angling since childhood, while searching for the promised land and other grand illusions. I blame the muse for leading me to the friendly isle of Salt Spring, where my passionate heart found a quiet harbour to anchor in.

What spirit inspires me to create a dialog between lyric and melody? A song may be born out of life-changes that elicit intense joy or suffering, optimism or despair. It may occur while tuning in to the playful wonders of childhood or recalling travels in exotic cultures. It’s a way of cultivating faith, celebrating love and Nature’s beauty. A song may arise out of a personal reaction to planetary events and hardships. It may offer a rallying cry or hammer out a warning. In a cynical world where the line between the sacred and profane is often blurred, diving deeply into the cool sea of song can strengthen ones mettle. Working on a song is my way of channeling sublime impulses and exploring emotional energies. On this journey from cradle to grave and beyond, everything is song.

Pacific Day is a musical offering to the four strong winds from a troubadour with a lifetime of devotion to the art of song. As these tunes scatter like stardust around the world, may they give people hope, heart and happiness.
A crew of born musicians, singers and pranksters added their mojo to the tracks, sharing their individual flare for Folk, Blues, Jazz, Celtic and World Music. What emerges are people playing music for the love of it, and tapping into the rhythmic pulse of the universe.

Contributing Artists: Ian Van Wyck, Zav RT, Bruce Everett, Henry boudert, Tara MacLean, Elvira Claire and Laurent Boucher

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