Roaring From the Soul of a Lion (1993)

Roaring From the Soul of a Lion (1993)

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Genres: Soft Rock, Jazz, Folk, World Roots

The back-story to making Roaring involved intense spiritual growth while planting roots on Salt Spring Island. Here we built a new home, a temple for our hearts, where we took home birthing to a new level. Our daughter Sappho was water-born, “…with the dolphins in the ocean.” A profound awareness of the healing power of love and compassion ripened within me during the early 1990s. It empowered me to overcome a life threatening illness and led to a bountiful harvest of new songs. While juggling life’s dualities, I extended my creative potential into new endeavors that tested my mettle. These included balancing family responsibilities and film projects, while teaching and managing Tall Tree Studios, a 24-track-recording facility.

On Roaring, I put my poetry to music, creating songs that celebrate life while considering the struggles and heartbreaks of a materialistic society. I experiment with modifying my acoustic guitar sound with special effects and enriched production values.

Musical collaborators include Morry Stearns lush piano and synthesizers, Jerry Ringrose stalwart drums, Hugh MacMillan bold bass and Chapman stick, and Scott Sheerin’s soaring saxophone.

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