Whispering Rain (1998)

Whispering Rain (1998)

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Genre: Folk/Roots/World/Acoustic

Some of my songs come to me in dreams.  I hear the words and music whispering on the wind and the rain.  I sang my kids to sleep each night when they were young.  With the birth of my son Orion, came a wave of new inspiration and change.  Some of the adventures and experiences woven into the lyrical tapestry of this album included touring Hawaii, teaching in the Kingdom of Tonga and at the Vision Quest School, performing with The Little Earthquakes, and creating the Earth Heart Convergence Festival. While learning to single parent, I embraced the digital video age and directed Rainbow Way (click here to see a video clip) a documentary about the 27th annual Rainbow Gathering in Arizona.

It was back to the garden and back to basics with Whispering Rain.  Synchronicity brought together an all-acoustic cast of talented friends.  At spontaneous sessions, they blended their musical gifts with my voice, acoustic guitar and harmonica.  Oool Fjolkunnigr’s fingers dance on mandolin, flute, and piano, Ian Van Wyck spins the double bass, Calvin Cairns and Marcel Nokony shine on violin.  Notably sweet is the voice of Tara MacLean on supporting vocals.  A great deal of heart and soul go into my songs. Waves of emotion rise in me when I sing; a weight is lifted from my spirit, and there is a feeling of dancing through life’s challenges.  I hope these songs bring you the inspiration and joy that they have brought me.

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